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Olugbala, Gb’ohun mi

1. Olugbala, gb’ohun mi
Gb’ohun mi, gb’ohun mi
Mo wa s’odo Re, gba mi
Nibi agbelebu
Emi se sugbon O ku
Iwo ku, iwo ku
Fi anu Re pa mi mo
Nibi agbelebu

Oluwa, jo gba mi
Nki y’o bi O ninu mo
Alabukun, gba mi
Nibi agbelebu

2. Ese mi po lapoju
Un o bebe, un o bebe
Iwo li Ona iye
Nibi agbelebu
Ore ofe Re t’a gba
L’ofe ni l’ofe ni
F’oju anu Re wo mi
N’ibi agbelebu

3. F’eje mimo Re we mi
Fi we mi fi we mi
Ri mi sinu ibu Re
N’ibi agbelebu
‘gbagbo l’o le fun wa ni
‘dariji ‘dariji
Mo f’igbagbo ro mo o
N’ibi agbelebu. Amin.

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  • I always thank God for the life of those people composed all this Hymns they are like those people that wrote the books of the Bible, despite that most of them are died but their works still speaking, may the soul those died rest in peace and those alive may God be with them in Jesus name

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